Dear client,

The loop system for short films is developed by Ruud Molleman in 1992 exclusively for Dutch artist Marijke van Warmerdam.
Prohibited to sell, but reaching out to other artists however,(and perfecting the system along the road) we agreed to set up a lease program.
It became a worldwide success.

At your request we offer ONLY DOOR-TO-DOOR LEASE of the requested equipment.

All bookings are based on a first-come, first-served basis taking into account the availability of the requested equipment. Studio 2M offer our clients a diverse range of 16mm projection equipment specially designed and customized for endless loop sessions with a max. film capacity of 8.00 or 14.00 minutes of film. The loopers are clamped on the rigid carrying handle of most portable 16mm projectors. We advice our clients to use Fuji filmstock because it has less static effect than other types of film stock.

A signed lease agreement by both parties for the booked equipment will be required to hold the booking. Rental fees are correct at the time of publication but Studio 2M can provide a Non-profit Organisation discount based on the rental period of the requested equipment. All the rental prices of our equipment can be downloaded as a PDF-file from our site. Next to our equipment we offer friendly advice and assistance with preparations and if needed customs documents for our non-European clients.

Yours sincelery,

Studio 2M team:

Ruud Molleman & Seab Deuling