Text written by Evelien Molleman

Roos Molleman- de Vries

Rosa Anna de Vries, wife and partner of Ruud Molleman was an autodidact in many ways. In practice she learned to be a producer, animatior, director and graphic designer.

At the age of 17 she started working as a secretary at Han Van Gelder Filmproductions. She was planning to save up most of her wages to afford an education at the Amsterdam Actingschool. At Han van Gelder Filmproductions she met Ruud, a man in his early twenties who was a camera assistent and all-round technician. Roos and Ruud got married in 1970 at december 24th.

Four years later they decided to start 2M Filmgroup in Amsterdam. Eventually they changed the name into Studio 2M Filmtechniek. This studio provided advice / realisation of graphic inserts and / or titles for documentaries, information and feature films.

Another speciality of Studio 2M was the conservation of dated filmformats for (inter)national archives.

In 1982 Roos and Monique Renault started up the first feminist filmgroup named "Vruchtboom".
They made several animations with a feminist message. "In Nomine Domine", "Weg ermee!"( Out!), " Leve de sexuele revolutie", "Borderline" and "Blijf van m'n lijf"! ( Hands of! ).

Roos directed four cut out animation commercials for Mucic box " News Flash" in 1986.Later in Roos her carrier she produced more films which were mosty free animations. "De beuk erin" by Michiel Drost in 1986, "Vuur" by Martin Keppy in 1989, "Lang leve de natuur" by Raf Croonen in 1991, "Los" by Femke Hoying in 1992, "Krazz" by Femke Hoying in 1994 and " Saterdaynight fever" by Irene Beerten in 1994.

For years Roos was the general manager of Studio 2M and did this with great precision and dedication.

My mother was a creative, intelligent woman with a big knowledge of human character and a great talent for business and communication. I wish she could have learn me more about everything. We mis her.

Evelien Molleman

In Memory Of:
Rosa Anna Molleman – de Vries

* Amsterdam, 6 januari 1952
† Amsterdam, 28 december 2010